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Bio-colours in prototypes

Teammembers: Sofie Kelchtermans, Jony Mille, Henri T'Kint

Coaches: Angela Pisani ; Elise Verkindt Syros + UGent (Francesca)

The challenge

Bio-based colours are an interesting alternative to artificial colours. Although natural colours have an ancient tradition, many challenges remain open, for example:

  • How can we introduce this knowledge in our IO curriculum? 

  • What activities can engage with these colours (sketching? prototyping? etc.) 

  • How can we engage different stakeholders and actors in this mission? How can we make this a self-sustainable system?

  • Can the waste stream of avocado pits be used in this process?

a. Overview

  • Instruction video

  • Experimenting and prototyping with samples and ways to process, describing the characteristics of the material

  • Documenting the process (weekly highlights)

  • Stakeholder mapping (miro board)

  • Small LC

The results

Anchor 1

b. Instruction video

c. Learning by prototyping

The process

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