We have several running projects, that aim at implementing circular bio-based alternatives in our design education. Projects are run by students, within the course Cybernetics and Systems-oriented design or as master theses. Below an overview of process and results is provided.

Projects from 2022

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In 2022 the students are reporting their progress on instagram: prototyping_circulair

Projects from 2021:

image (1).png
Natural fibers front.png



Natural fibers

Bio colors front.png
Devel'op front.png
3DP egg shells front.png


Devel'up 2.0

3DP Egg Shells

3DP bio-plastics front.jpg
Wilderness front.png
Silicon mould front.jpg

3DP Bio-plastics

Willderness in design

Silicon mould substitution

Knotplex front.png
Press_Mould front.png
Wood chips front.jpg


Press / Mould for  Bio-materials

Wood (chips)

Briding front.png
End of life front.png
Connections front.png

Bridging acamedia and industry

End of Life

Connections in Prototypes