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We have several running projects, that aim at implementing circular bio-based alternatives in our design education. Projects are run by students, within the course Cybernetics and Systems-oriented design or as master theses. Below an overview of process and results is provided.

Projects from 2023

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More and more space has been covered; by tiles, concrete, asphalt. Fewer space is
left for nature, plants, animals, biodiversity in general.

One step, is to decrease the amount of surface covered by concrete, tiles and
. How can we convince citizens to give some space back to nature?

In this assignment, students are asked to
think, design, implement and test systems
for decreasing covered surfaces in the city of Kortrijk, more specifically, wij(k) van
de parken, by using biodesign.
These systems should self-sustain in time.

The students are reporting their progress on instagram: prototyping_circulair

a project in collaboration with Stad Kortrijk, wij(k) van de parken
In the period the students work on this by coincidence the flemish championship of "flipping tiles" takes place where cities compete each other to remove as much as possible tiles, concrete, .... 

Projects from 2022

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In 2022 the students are reporting their progress on instagram: prototyping_circulair

Projects from 2021:

image (1).png
Natural fibers front.png



Natural fibers

Bio colors front.png
Devel'op front.png
3DP egg shells front.png


Devel'up 2.0

3DP Egg Shells

3DP bio-plastics front.jpg
Wilderness front.png
Silicon mould front.jpg

3DP Bio-plastics

Willderness in design

Silicon mould substitution

Knotplex front.png
Press_Mould front.png
Wood chips front.jpg


Press / Mould for  Bio-materials

Wood (chips)

Briding front.png
End of life front.png
Connections front.png

Bridging acamedia and industry

End of Life

Connections in Prototypes

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