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Natural fibres with Releaf

Teammembers: Jamie Catry, Milan Claeys, Gijs Habets

Coaches: Sander Libaert + UGent (Francesca)

The challenge

Challenge: Releaf extracts fibres from waste flows. At this stage, they are looking for interesting applications for the fibres themselves, likely in bio-composite materials. Challenges are: 

  • Which production technologies are suitable for these fibres? (e.g. compression moulding). 

  • Which applications could be meaningful, when looking at the design and prototyping process? (e.g. 3DP shapes, as usual composite materials? plates? etc.). 

  • Which binder could preserves the character of the fibre in that it is safe, not toxic and bio-based?  

  • How can we introduce this knowledge in our IO curriculum? 

  • How can we engage different stakeholders and actors in this mission? How can we make this a self-sustainable system?

  • ...

Weekly highights1 pic 1.jpg

The results

a. Overview

  • Instructions on website 

  • Instruction video

  • Experimenting and prototyping with samples

  • Documenting the process (weekly highlights)

  • Stakeholder mapping (miro board)

  • Small LCA

  • Poster

  • Test samples

b. Poster

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 15.24.28.png

c. Instruction video

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