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Islands of Kortrijk

An introduction

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Designers in residence

The designers in residence of 2020 did research towards moated homesteads, often used as farms, in the mid-19th century Kortrijk countryside. The designers mapped out the islands and did research towards the future of these islands in Kortrijk.

The field trip

With the map the designers in residence gave, team 8 went on a field trip. The goal of this trip was identifying what Kortrijk's soil has to offer to designers.

Local label

We introduced the local lable to identify what ingredients you may find in the landscape of Kortrijk (this may depend on the season). You can use the map at the bottom of this page to find out were we found this specific ingredient.

The map

Local resources and where to find them

This map shows you all the islands of Kortrijk, if you're looking for a specific ingredient you can filter your results by enabling or disabling the different layers.

Also we think this map should be free for everyone to edit. Found something interesting on an island or in the city? Feel free to add it to the map 

Local resources: HTML Embed

What does it look like?

Start identifying plants with a headstart

We've been busy identifying plants and searching for opportunities. As this can take some time, we've collected all our samples on a pinterest board. All these plants were idenified using the PictureThis application. 

Identified something interesting on an island or in the city? Feel free to add it to the board!

Having some trouble adding pins or pictures?

Let's start again from the where we are right now:



Google maps

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