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Bridging the academia and the industry

Teammembers: Lotte Beernaert (UGent) & Alesio Descamps (UGent)

The challenge of this project was to bring the academia and the industry closer to each other. This could be done in multiple ways.

Final Deliverables

One of our final deliverables, is in fact, the site you are viewing it on today!
We decided to redesign the already existing website of Prototyping Circulair into a better version with a better hierarchy. We did the at first hand in Google Sites. However, we started looking for a different site editor when looking at the self-sustainability and possible features of our vision on the site.
That's when we decided on to build the website on Wix, the current platform used at the time of writing this.

The following Prezi was the other final deliverables as a way to share our gained knowledge of the "bio-industry" to the other people (mostly students).

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