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Clean and fill autoclave

1. Clean autoclave, Make sure the water is out.
2. Fill the autoclave with 1,5l water


Fill bag and place in autoclave

3. Fill bag (autoclave bag) Don’t completely close it! Leave hole of 2,5 cm !!
4. Place the grid in the barrel of the autoclave
5. Lay the bag on the grid. Make sure it does not touch the walls of the barrel.


Screw on the lid

6. Screw on het lid. Work in a cross, tighten one side and then the opposite site. screw first all screws loosely before tightening. Don't tighten too much.



7. Open the air escape valve, it should stand upright.
8. Turn on the preheating, wait till the safety valve makes noise and the preheat light turns off.
9. Turn of the preheat



10. Close the air escape valve, the tip should be pointing down
11. Turn on the timer
12. Set the right time on the timer (to do this, turn the button clockwise ten minutes further then the needed time and turn it counterclockwise back to the needed time)
13. Wait till the timer makes noise.
14. Turn off the timer

Open once cooled down

15. Let it cool down completely (1 hour)
16. Open the air escape valve
17. Open the screws
18. Get the bag out

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