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How to use the stoneflower printer


for slicing your 3d model

for conecting to the printer

Cura profiles
import these in cura for instant corect settings

website stoneflower:


What is the stoneflower 3D-printer?

The stoneflower printer is a clay printer. It pushes clay out of the barrel by means of a rotating screw through a plastic tube to the head of the printer, in the head of the printer there is a small screw that pushes the clay out. The stoneflower printer also has an accompanying set for liquid materials (micro printing set). You can fill a doctor's syringe with the material and insert it into the barrel. You then push the syringe together and the material is pushed through a very fine nozzle.



From experience: 
Always secure the barrel clip, otherwise the barrel will fall down. 
Depending on the thickness of the board, you will have to level your head differently, e.g. always use the same boards so you can adjust the thickness properly. Also make sure that the board is completely flat. It is better to have more than too little play, otherwise your head will drill itself into the board. If necessary, apply a layer of clay to your board to start your print.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 18.41.41.png

Modelling in cad and forwarding to cura

Model your shape in CAD. Draw the figure as a full figure.
If you draw it as a hollow vase and give it a wall thickness of the print head, you will have software problems printing it. 
That is why in cura, the "vase mode" is used. This means that when you draw a vase, you draw it completely closed. You then make sure in the cura settings that you only print the outer shell. By using the vase mode, the printer will print the vase in a spiral motion. 
Import the CAD file into cura. 
To be able to print with the printer, some cura settings need to be adjusted. 
The g-code, the code the printer uses to create the object, is created in cura and is then read by the software "pronterface" to control the printer. To send this, the printer's USB cable must remain in your computer.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 18.23.35.png

Create printer in cura

Go to the printer settings and click on "add a printer".
Choose the custom FFF printer. 
Adjust the printer settings and start and end G-code as shown below.

skip this step if you downloaded the files above

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 18.26.58.png

Printer settings Printer

X (width) = 480 mm
Y (depth) = 480 mm
Z (height) = 500 mm
Build plate shape: rectangular
G-code flavor: reprap

skip this step if you downloaded the files above

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 18.26.58 (1).pn

Printer settings extruder

Printhead Settings:
Xmin = -20
Ymin = -10
Xmax = 10
Ymax = 10
Gantry height = 99999999999
Number of extruders 1

skip this step if you downloaded the files above

G-code in Cura

Start G-code in cura


M92 E67.670000





M302 P1

;G28 X0 Y0

G92 Z0

G1 Z15.0 F3000

G92 E0

G1 F300 E3.0

G92 E0

G1 F3000

End G-code in cura


G1 Z+0.5 X-20 Y-20 F3000

G1 X0 Y0



skip this step if you downloaded the files above

Filling the barrel with clay

Make the clay soft, preferably a day in advance. Do this manually as explained in the film: "Softening the clay". Then fill the barrel, pushing the clay into the tube with a spatula. Make sure no air bubbles are created.
Filling the barrel with clay

printing with pronterface

1.  Start by connecting with 'Pronterface'

2.  Load the file (.gcode) you sliced in cura

3.  press print to start the printer

4.  Depending on the consistency edit the material flow (use between 100%-140%)


make sure the power switch is on

make sure the bed is level before printing

set the nozzle distance by pressing the Z up/down button in pronterfece or on the printer itself

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