Mycelium-based materials at IDC

Teammembers: Casper Van Herzele (UGent) & Maité Priëels (UGent) & Basil Bataille (UGent)

Coaches: Jasper (GLIMPS) + UGent (Francesca)

The challenge

GIY (grow it yourself) mycelium-based materials are getting more and more implemented in the design field. Nevertheless, many challenges remain open, for example:

  • How can we introduce this knowledge in our IO curriculum? 

  • How should the prototyping and use of mycelium-based materials be organised in a design atelier? 

  • How can we engage different stakeholders and actors in this mission? How can we make this a self-sustainable system?

  • ...


a. Overview

  • Instructions on website 

  • Instruction video

  • Short promotion video on tiktok, longer promotion video on instagram and social media

  • Schedule to book mycelium tools in the lab

  • Experimenting and prototyping with samples and ways to process, describing the characteristics of the material

  • Documenting the process (weekly highlights)

  • Stakeholder mapping (miro board)

  • Small LCA

  • Sample for sample board in IDC

The results


b. Instruction video


c. Promotion video


d. Learning by prototyping

The main characteristics of mycelium are that it is refractory, water-repellent, insulating and strong. This material offers enormous potential within the construction and packaging industries.
Specific parameters are required for the growth of mycelium. A moist environment and a constant temperature of ±27 degrees Celsius are required. To ensure that mycelium can be used in products without it growing any further, the mycelium must be baked in an oven.


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Wine 1
Wine 1

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Candle holder
Candle holder

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e. Schedule to book mycelium equipment

Do you want to grow your own mycelium and get to work with the different properties this biomaterial has to offer? Then go to the BioFabLab in the Industrial Design Center at Ghent University campus Kortrijk. There, all the necessary machines are at your disposal. On the campus it is possible to view and study samples and prototypes. We ask that you register if you wish to come to campus. This can be done via the button below.

With the help of the online workshop, you can definitely get started! Under the Materials section you can find the different steps.


f. extra

The process